Friends and Collaborators

Marc Stallknecht

The first collaborator of Wires Don't Talk, Marc Stallknecht brings his guitar wizardry and progressive rock influences to their debut album "Insanity Later." With his desire to bring his guitar talents to new genres, Marc joined Wires Don't Talk to blend hard rock tunes with electronic elements.

Marc's personality shines in various videos with Pat that showcase their odd sense of humor, their musical knowledge, and the passions that make their friendship special.

Marc continues his musical journey with a solo guitar instrumental project where he pushes his talents to new heights in the constant pursuit of his passion.

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Alex Russo


Alex Russo merges his punk rock attitude with his love of science fiction and horror. With influences ranging from Pink Floyd and Green Day to Metroid Prime and Bloodborne, there is no genre that Alex won’t attempt to mutilate beyond recognition.


Originally, Alex collaborated with Pat for music and voiceover until they created the ridiculous YouTube show "Ball Pit". Though he usually works behind the scenes on Wires Don’t Talk videos or his own projects, Alex will occasionally stick his head out to talk whatever topics are stuck in his head this month.


Alex writes on video games and pop culture in his blog:

Zach "Zero" Calidonna

Zach Calidonna is a bass guitarist and a Rock and Roll nerd. A long time friend of Pat, Zach worked on Pat's very first music project and continues to aid him in his musical journey by sharing his music knowledge and wicked bass skills.

While a member of the New Jersey Alt Rock group, Wyland, Zach toured and performed for audiences across the United States and Canada as well as recorded music in Ireland.

Zach enjoys learning and discussing rock and roll and pop music history and will most likely die from talking about The Who. He is also a strong advocate for world wide LGBTQ equality and has volunteered his time to make the world a more accepting place.

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Rob 'Robdan' McCall

Rob McCall is a singer/songwriter and lead vocalist for All Poets & Heroes. The band’s debut album “Occhiolism” drew comparisons to Death Cab for Cutie, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. All Poet’s sound is known for being literary and cinematic. 

Rob and Pat met in college where they followed different musical paths. Rob pursued a path of folk and indie rock that allows him to bring new concepts, tunings, and tones to Wires Don't Talk.

Outside of music Rob is an avid golfer and philosophy nerd. Listen to Rob's music here:

Jake 'Jaguar' Toscano

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Origins unknown

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