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Eagle News Online

When COVID-19 sent the country into quarantine, Grimes used the time to hone his production skills and make higher quality content. However, the pandemic took a toll on Grimes’s mental health as he found himself anxious and stressed about the world around him. “Step Away” illuminates his experience as he transitioned from life in quarantine to being vaccinated. Read more here: https://eaglenewsonline.com/things-to-do/music/2021/08/11/clay-musician-tackles-pandemic-blues-in-new-single/


Alex describes the video as one that ‘explores the relationship between an artist and his work, how that creative symbiotic relationship can become parasitic, and the importance of keeping your priorities straight and your mind healthy.’” Read more here: https://v13.net/2021/08/wires-dont-talk-release-their-step-away-music-video/?fbclid=IwAR2OqjxOcecMzC74c_tZOeW8ezuVugBayKT2XZYu9FcAcaiieDzmt4KY-oE

Tunes 92.5

I sat down with the amazing and welcoming folks of Tunes 92.5 to talk about “Step Away”, the influences, Wires Don’t Talk moving forward and I even managed to say a Frasier reference  Listen below:

CNY Alive

Musically, Wires Don’t Talk are a bit difficult to categorize, if not outwardly defiant to any sort of conformity. Imagine, if you will, The Cure and Link’n Park had a baby, and that baby was eventually raised by Depeche Mode and Metallica. Read more here: https://cnyalive.com/new-music-interview-with-wires-dont-talk/?fbclid=IwAR3p4EyYwTrPZbj_2UAOe1bobgxyOJCca_n_CHIJJNionNHrP13QolQOTQg

The Rock Source Magazine

Wires Don't Talk announces new single 'Step Away.' Wires Don't Talk is releasing a new single "Step Away" July 2nd. The music blends Muse, Gorillaz, and Dream Theater. Read more here: https://rocksourcemagazine.com/2021/06/30/wires-dont-talk/

Family Times CNY

Step Away's lyrics are a constant reminder to reject the self-created challenges and enjoy the world yet again. Read more here: https://communityguide.familytimescny.com/article/local-musician-to-release-new-single.html

Bad Copy

“Step Away” discusses over-analyzing yourself and the stress that comes with it. It’s so relevant to the time so many of us have been having as we struggle to adjust back to the normal world post-COVID-19. Read more here: https://thebadcopy.com/news/stream/wires-dont-talk-releases-new-single-step-away/